Fatya Jung Shah

Fatya Jung Shah
 Fatya Jung Shah was born in 1805 A.D., the oldest son of Sri Chautaria Prana Shah and Chautaryani Moha Kumari Devi. His 5th generation was Gorkha's King Prithvipati Shah. He was the nephew of Prime Minister Chautariya Pushkar Shah. His four brothers were Colonel Sri Chautaria Guru Prasad Shah, Rajguru Ram Krishna Bahadur Shah, Captain Sardar Bir Bahadur Shah, and Colonel Sri Chautaria Rana Sher Shah. Hiranya Garbha Devi, PM Jung Bahadur Rana's third wife, was his sister. He received his education in a private school.

He was appointed Mukhtiyar (1840-1843). He lived in exile at Gaya, India from 1843 to 1845. Later, he was promoted to Full General and Commander of Three Regiments in 1845 after the exile. He then served as Mukhtiyar and Minister of Foreign Affairs (1845-1846).

Sri Chautaria Khadga Bikram Shah (Khadga Babusaheb), one of his three sons, was also killed in the Kot Massacre. Guru Prasad Shah and Guna Bahadur Shah are the other two. On 14 September 1846 A.D., he was slain in the Kot Massacre in the courtyard of Hanuman Dhoka Palace.

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