The Gandaki College of Engineering and Science (GCES)

The Gandaki College of Engineering and Science (GCES) is an augmentation to Gandaki Boarding School, Lamachaur, Pokhara 16, situated in around 3 kilometers from Pokhara downtown area. It offers bachelor level program in Software Engineering (48 Seats).The College is surrounded with the serene beauty of snowcapped mountains around, and amidst the unique natural landscape of Lamachaur and Batulechaur. 
Gandaki College of Engineering
Gandaki College of Engineering and Science (GCES) was established by the initiation of Dr. P.V. Chandy, the then Principal of GBS/GCES, with the approval of the GBS Management Committee and the United Mission to Nepal (UMN) in 1998. The college is functioned under U.M.N. G.B S. G.C.E S. Public Education Trust. It is an autonomous and non-benefit organization. It is partnered to the Pokhara University (PU) and conforms to the PU semester framework and examination methodology. In 2003, GCES was conceded as a perpetual individual from Nepal Engineering Council.

Mission and Vision
GCES strongly feels that development is only possible with quality education and hence it is committed to maintain academic excellence. Mission of GCES is to cultivate an atmosphere of intellectual discipline that encourages and facilitates both student and faculty with some scholarships to students, and hence to prepare engineering professionals with knowledge, values and skills which will enable them to make a significant contribution to the country. We try to satisfy its main goal with a profound worry for socially and monetarily hindered individuals from its group. Vision of GCES is to rethink the building proficient concentrating on plentiful degree for work in the field of research and innovation. By making and propelling information for our understudies and our experts, we endeavor to enhance the prosperity of the monetarily and socially distraught individuals in our general public. With that in mind, we are consistently attempting to improve the advancement of the school as a national pioneer in programming advancement by utilizing the best accessible assets, aptitudes, skill and estimations of workforce, staff and understudies.

CAMPUS and Infrastructure

The campus of GCES is a sprawling over 240 Ropanis of of land with sufficient play grounds, parks and thick green forest. The campus is situated near Lamachaur, North West part of Pokhara City, about 6 Km from Pokhara, is well connected through roads. The climate at Lamachaur and college campus is cold and pleasant for most of the year. Vital area of the grounds in the midst of the salubrious condition and the cooperative associations with the nature together make it a perfect place for truly slanted student. GCES dwelling in a 240 ropanis grounds has bended out for itself a major name everywhere throughout the nation and is perceived as a chief instructive organization of Nepal. It possesses large amounts of very much prepared and modern research centers, all around stirred libraries to improve and encourage the whole educating and learning process.

Computer Lab
Computer Lab
Gandaki College of Engineering and Science (GCES) has three main computer laboratories with a total of 70 computers all featuring some of the latest processors, running Windows and GNU/Linux Operating Systems. Two of the laboratories are used for classes while the third one is for intensive research and development work.

Electronics and Physics Laboratories
The Electronics laboratory of Gandaki College of Engineering and Science (GCES) is well equipped with all the latest technology devices essential for the laboratory work. This laboratory serves for designing from simple logic systems to a basic digital computer. The physics experiments are conducted in the same laboratory.

Gandaki College of Engineering and Science (GCES) has an excellent and well organized library with a lot of textbooks and reference materials,including quite a large number of rare technical books provided by our supporters from home and abroad. To maintain up-to-date information in a wide range of disciplines, the library subscribes to various national international technical journals, daily newspapers and monthly magazines. The state of-the-art library includes a computerized library information system and extensive collection of e-books, software tools and CDs/DVDs.

Scholarship Information
Being a non profit organization, GCES supports academically bright and needy students with financial assistance to students. Scholarships are awarded to academically bright, economically disadvantaged, but intelligent and self-motivated students. These scholarships are provided primarily after an evaluation of students’ previous academic records and their financial needs as assessed by the scholarship committee.

GBS Scholarship
These are awarded to ex- GBS scholarship students who have demonstrated exceptional intellectual and personal qualities in academic areas.

Local Scholarship
These are awarded to economically disadvantaged students who are from the local areas like Lamachaur and Batulechaur.

Academic Awards
Merit based scholarships are also awarded to a number of students based on their academic achievements, performance, and their involvement in other educational activities. Each year, academic scholarships are awarded to students based on their performance in the college entrance examinations and their previous academic records. Academic award will be provided in 10:1 ratio. Students securing SGPA less than 3.0 will not be eligible for academic award.

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