Saurya International Secondary School and College

Address: Gairigaon, Sinamangal Kathmandu


 Board: National Examination Board

 Phone: 977-1-4112047,  4112256




Saurya International Higher Secodary School and College is a private co-educational institution which has been established by a group of professional, dedicated and experienced teachers. It aims at providing quality higher education for the present and future generations. Saurya is a promise for educational excellence with a focus towards harnessing inherent natural skills and potential in students. Saurya team is committed to inculcate need responsive quality education in its students aspiring a successful career in Medical Science, Engineering, Management/Business/Banking and Social Sciences. Saurya offers Plus Two Programs in three major disciplines: SCIENCE, MANAGEMENT AND HUMANITIES.

Saurya invites students from all social, economic, cultural and geographical strata to be a leader in their fields of study. It also assures to all Prospective Plus Two students that they will be in the proper guidance of competent and dedicated team of teachers who can help to become the person they aspire to be. Saurya is a promise not only for intellectual growth but also for human values. Its team is aware to create responsible citizens lacking in the twenty-first century.

Saurya runs a school up to the SLC level in Kathmandu- 34, Nogendra Kancha Chowk, Shantinagar. Saurya International takes its name from Little Buddha English School, established in 1997.The continuous encouragement from the parents, guardians and SLC passed out students; has been one of the motivating factors to launch Plus Two Programs in Science, Management and Humanities. Now, Saurya International School and Plus Two programs are under Saurya Education Network, an umbrella organization.
Saurya has a visionary and dedicated team of promoters as management and faculty members who can transform Saurya vision, quality education, into reality.

Contact Address
Surya International H S School and College
P.O Box: 12284, Gairigaon, Sinnamangal, Kathmandu, Nepal

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