Coronavirus Vaccine trial to start from Monday.

According to a government official, a trial examining a vaccine made to protect against new Corona virus will start from Monday. The official has said that the first participant in the trial will receive the experimental vaccine on monday. The trial is being funded by National Institutes of Health.

 It is taking place at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institue in Seattle, according to the official. The participants has no chance of getting infected from the doses of shots because they don't contain the Corona Virus itself. The objective is to check if the vaccines show no side effects. Trail will begin with 45 young, healthy volunteers with different doses of shots co-developed by Moderna Inc. MRNA -4.48% and NIH.

Researcher from all over the globe are competiting to manufacture a vaccine for the cure of Covid-19 as it is taking the whole world by storm. Mostly, the new virus causes only mild symptoms, moderate to some extent, such as cough and fever. It may cause pneumonia in case of some older alduts and people with existing health problems. 

The new virus has led to the death of more that 5500+ peoples with 150,000+ people infected. But to good, higher number of people have recovered. According to WHO people with mild symptomes recover in about 14-15 days and those with more sever illness take three weeks to 6 weeks to get back on track.

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