Keki Adhikari And Bishal Bhandari Clarifies About Kohalpur Express Inspired From Mumbai Express

Keki Adhikari’s first produced film Kohalpur Express is running at theaters of Nepal and film has been getting good response from audience. Along with positive mouth publicity, critics has mentioned that Kohalpur Express don’t have fresh content to offer as it is copied from Bollywood film Mumbai Express.

On this note, director Bishal Bhandari and producer Keki Adhikari has clarified that they have clearly mention the credit in the film where they have mentioned that this film is inspired from Mumbai Express. They shares that they haven’t copied the film rather it has been highly inspired from the Mumbai Express.

Actor Keki Adhikari, known for her roles in films as diverse as Swar, Mero Best Friend, I Am Sorry and Ghampani, will now cut her tooth in production. Adhikari’s debut production, Kohalpur Express, was announced amid a function in Kathmandu on Monday. The film will also star Adhikari herself in the lead role. Alongside Adhikari, the film will also feature Richa Sharma and Priyanka Karki.
Directed by debutante Bishal Bhandari, Kohalpur Express tells the story of the personal struggles of three women, and how their fates collide.
Kohalpur Express is a story about three women who try their luck with the same. What follows is a series of comical events, misfortunes and coincidences that only adds more misery to their already troubled lives.
Director: Bishal Bhandari
Writers: Shan Basnyat (screenplay, dialogue), Bishal Bhandari (story)

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