Information about Jhapa District

(झापा जिल्ला) Jhapa District is a Terai district in Province No. 1 in eastern Part of Nepal. The district covers 1,606 km2. The 2011 census counted 812,650 population. The district headquarters is Bhadrapur. Jhapa is the easternmost district of Nepal and lies in the fertile Terai plains. It borders Ilam district in the north, Morang district in the west, the Indian state of Bihar in the south and the Indian state of West Bengal to the south-east and east.
Jhapa observes moderate climate complexion as it lies in the indo-gangetic plain and Churia low hills. Though due to close proximity to the lower Himalaya, weather is calm throughout the year. Seasonal monsoon is well distributed across the district. The temperature is highest during May through September, though winter is not extreme, keeping aside fogging during morning. Climatic variation is not extreme; however, the southern parts of districts are warmer than the northern ones.

Village Development Committees (VDCs)
  • Bahundangi
  • Baigundhura
  • Balubadi
  • Baniyani
  • Budhabare
  • Chakchaki
  • Dangibari
  • Dhaijan
  • Dharmpur
  • Duhagadhi
  • Garamani
  • Gauriganj
  • Gherabari
  • Goldhap
  • Haldibari
  • Jalthal
  • Jyamirgadhi
  • Kechana
  • Khajurgachhi
  • Khudnabari
  • Kohabara
  • Korobari
  • Kumarkhod
  • Lakhanpur
  • Mahabhara
  • Maheshpur
  • Panchganchi
  • Pathamari
  • Pathariya
  • Prithivinagar
  • Rajgadh
  • Shantinagar
  • Sharanamati
  • Taganduba
  • Topgachhi

Bhadrapur Municipality
Birtamod Municipality
Damak Municipality
Kankai Municipality
Mechinagar Municipality
Shani-Arjun Municipality
Shivasatakshi Municipality
Gauradaha Municipality
Education level of Jhapa
Jhapa is the district with highest number of literate with literacy rate being 98.33%.

Chulla Chulli English Boarding School, Shree Singha Devi Higher Secondary School,  Birat Jyoti English Boarding Higher Secondary School,  Siddhartha Sishu Sadan, Emerald Academy, Little Flowers School are some of the best in the country. There are some good private schools like East Horizon English School, Shree Harikul Model Higher Secondary School, Bal Kalyan Boarding Secondary School, Suryodaya English School, ADES, Siddhartha Boarding School, Newtons Education Academy, Shree Pashupati Secondary School, Balmiki Academy, Gyanjyoti Higher Secondary School, Dipjan English Boarding School, Purwanchal Academy, Divya Jyoti Secondary School, etc.

The number of colleges providing higher studies has been increasing in Jhapa. Mechi Multiple Campus and Damak Multiple Campus are the wings of Tribhuvan University. Manakamana Multiple Campus Birtamode, Kankai Adarsh Campus Birtamode, Gomendra Multiple College Birtamode, College for Higher Education (COHED) and Kanakai Multiple Campus Surunga are the other main colleges providing higher education up to master's degree in Management, Education and Humanities stream. Mechi Multiple Campus, Devi H.S. School & Devi Campus and Manakamana Multiple Campus are the most known campuses in Jhapa that provides better education qualities. There is a government school providing quality education to students in English. Shree Kanakai Higher Secondary School is the school serving since 2015 BS. Private colleges like Amity College, Balmiki Providence, Birta Jyoti, Indreni College, Newton's Academy, etc. are providing quality of education admitting students from whole eastern Nepal.

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