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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Film Kohalpur Express Review By Actress Priyanka Asks Aayushman About The Film

Kohalpur Express Review By Celebrities: Priyanka Asks Aayushman About The Film
Kohalpur Express
Nepali film Kohalpur Express is released all over Nepal from Friday and film is getting good number of audience. Although film has got tough competition by Avenger, film has started with a good note whereas the word of mouth is very good for the film. Kohalpur Express directed by Bishal Bhandari is a comedy film.

On Friday, film has organized a special screening for the film where the cast and crew along with celebrities have watched the film and has shared their review of the film. Priyanka Karki took the review of the film from audience and celebrities where she also asked her boyfriend Aayushman Desraj about the film.

Watch the video:

Badri Adhikari and his daughter actress Keki Adhikari Shares The Secrets Of Their Bonding

Badri Adhikari and his daughter actress Keki Adhikari Shares The Secrets Of Their Bonding

Actress Keki Adhikari is quite busy on receiving mixed response of Kohalpur Express from audience. Kohalpur Express has got mixed reviews from audience whereas film has got good opening in spite of low screen numbers due to clash with Avengers.

During the promotion of Kohalpur Express, Keki Adhikari and her father Badri Adhikari has faced a video interview for the first time. Both of them shared their bonding and how their life goes in family. Badri Adhikari is a re-known film director but he never featured his daughter Keki in his film but why? You can find out the secrets of their bonding on this exclusive interview with Keki Adhikari and Badri Adhikari.

Keki is very actively involved in social sites. She is particularly known for her sharp comments on current political scenario which she shares through her status. Contract Keki Adhikari on her official facebook page. follow her on twitter and do not miss any tweets.

Watch this exclusive interview:

Shatru Gate, Kohalpur Express, Lily Bily, and Happy Days four films of Priyanka Karki in theatre

Priyanka Karki has made a new record of four films of hers running simultaneously in theatres in Nepal. Two those new films, ‘Happy Days’ and ‘Kohalpur Express’ were released on Friday 27, 2018 joining two others which were released a few weeks earlier. Lily Bily and Shatru Gate have been doing good business in theatre weeks after they were released. She told that she tried her best not to let two of her movies clash at the time of the release. Priyanka suggested viewers to watch ‘Happy Days’ first then they can watch ‘Kohalpur Express’. If both of them become houseful, you could watch ‘Lily Bily’ or ‘Shatru Gate’.

Priyanka(The Miss Teen 2005)  went to the USA for studies. After the completion of her studies she took a bold move. She returned back to Nepal to start acting career. In that course, she had to leave her husband in the USA. In a latest interview, she told that she was frustrated by the quality of the films made at that time. Two of her first movies were total disaster – ‘Mero Best Friend’ and ‘3 Lovers’.

Talking about her film career, she told that she had gone through depression and lows in her career. These days, she is coping with all the problems of being a celebrity and not having a private life.
Priyanka’s affair with Ayushman Desraj Joshi has been widely covered in media and everything else about Priyanka are hot topics because of her celebrity status. She is currently busy in the shooting of two movies and after the completion of those film she will join the shooting of ‘Nai Nabhannu La 5’.
Did you know? Priyanka Karki is a script writer. She did her Masters in the USA in script writing. But, she is yet to show her script writing talent. She has done everything else except script writing. She has acted, she has choreographed, she has been a singer, she has been a model and so on.