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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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40 easy ways to make money quickly
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Monday, July 25, 2016

List of schools in Chitwan

  1. A.E.A. Glorious Academy
  2. Aadarsha Vidhya Ashram
  3. Adarsha Public school
  4. Adventure E.S.
  5. Almighty L.S.E.B.S.
  6. Amar Jyoti E.B.S.
  7. Amber Everest English Boarding School, Bharatpur - 10, Chitwan
  8. Blue Bird English Boarding school, Jagatpur Chitwan
  9. Bright star secondary boarding school
  10. Daisy Higher Secondary English Boarding School
  11. Dawn Academy, Hakimchowk
  12. Everest Academy, Bharatpur-27
  13. Gramodaya English secondary school
  14. Greenland secondary Boarding School
  15. Hillbird secondary Boarding School
  16. Himalayan Secondary English Boarding School, Ratnanagar -1, Chitwan
  17. International Secondary School, Chainpurchowk, Chitwan
  18. Motherland Academy, Khairahani-8, Magani, Chitwan
  19. Nawayug English School
  20. Ocean Academy, khairahani-6,parsa,chitwan
  21. Panchakanya Vidya Mandir
  22. Parijat English Higher Secondary School, Chowkbazar
  23. Prerana Higher secondary English Boarding School
  24. Sirjana English secondary boarding school Sharadpur
  25. Skyrider Higher Secondary English Boarding School, Ratnanagar, Chitwan
  26. Sunrise English School, Bharatpur, Chitwan
  27. Viddya Bikash English Boarding School, Yagyapuri,Chitwan
  28. Vidya Memorial School
  29. भानु मा.बि.,पार्बतिपुर चितवन्

List of schools in Kanchanpur

  1. Embrosiya public academy
  2. International Public Acedemy
  3. Little Buddha Academy
  4. Little star public Academy
  5. Oxford National Secondary School
  6. Rastriya Bal Vidhyalaya
  7. Shaan International School
  8. Anirudra higher secondary English School
  9. Bhubnesswori public academy
  10. Cosmopoletian Secondary School
  11. Diamond Public Academy
  12. Gwallek Nav Bal kiran Vidyalaya
  13. Gyanodaya Public Academy
  14. Holy Family Higher Secondary School
  15. Jansewa Higher secondary school
  16. Kalika Prathamik Vidhyalaya
  17. Kanchan Vidya Mandhir
  18. Krishna Primary School
  19. Nagarjun English Boarding School
  20. Pioneer Academy
  21. Sarswoti Vidhya Mandhir
  22. Saugat English Medium School
  23. Siddhanath Amar Higher Secondary School
  24. Siddhanath Higher Secondary School
  25. Tribhuwan Higher Secondary School

List of schools in Myagdi

  1. Beni boarding higher secondary boarding school
  2. Lokdeep higher secondary boarding school
  3. Mount Everest higher secondary boarding school
  4. New West Point Higher secondary Boarding School

List of schools in Kailali

  1. Unique friendship English Boarding School, Joshipur 07 Joshipur bazzar
  2. Thekraj Secondary school, Attariya-10, Ghodasuwa, Kailali, Seti, Nepal
  3. Aishwarya Vidya Niketan Higher Secondary School, Dhangadhi, Kailali
  4. Rastriya Madhyamik Vidhyalaya, Daharberiya, Bauniyan-1
  5. Raghunath multiple college, bauniyan-6
  6. Karnali Higher Secondary School
  7. Rastriya Higher Secondary School, Khailad-6
  8. Sarswati Secondary School, Durgauli
  9. Mohanyal Secondary School, Joshipur
  10. Janjagriti Higher Secondary School, Tikapur-8, Sitapur
  11. Dhangadhi Higher Secondary School, Dhangadhi-8, Kailali
  12. Rastriya higher secondary school, Sukhad
  13. Rastriya college, sukhad
  14. Little angels' English higher secondary school, sukhad
  15. Ghoda Ghodi Multiple Campus
  16. Sharada Vidya Niketan H. S. School, Dhangadhi-5, Kailali, Seti, Nepal
  17. Shree Kalika Higher Secondary School, Chaumala-7 Rajipur
  18. Shree malika higher secondary school, Chaumala-3, Kailali
  19. Shree Mohanyal Vidya Mandir, Chaumala-3, Kailali
  20. Shree Pasupati Lower Secondary school
  21. Shree Birendra Vidya Mandir Higher Secondary (regional model school) school tikapur, Kailali
  22. Beladevipur Secondary School, Attariya -10, Kailali
  23. Basudevi higher secondary school, Dhangadhi, Kailali
  24. Kailali Public School
  25. Kailali Vidya Niketan, Shikshyanagar-8, Dhangadhi, Kailali
  26. New LIght Education Home, Tikapur-09, Kailali
  27. Shree Sharada Secondary School, Shreepur, Kailali

List of schools in Nepalgunj

  1. ABC residential higher secondary school, Ganeshpur-5
  2. Adarsh Higher Secondary School
  3. Angel's High School
  4. Bright Future Academy, koreanpur Nepalgunj
  5. Brightland High School
  6. Holy Land English Higher Secondary School
  7. JB High School
  8. Junior Cambridge
  9. Shree Dhomboji Higher Secondar
  10. shree Shaileshwori Vidhya Niketan
  11. Shree Shaileshwori Vidhya Niketan
  12. The Nepalgunj Public School, Adarsh Nagar 12 Nepslgunj
  13. West Zone E M High School

List of schools in Sindhupalchowk

  1. Ekta Boarding High School, Chautara
  2. Greenland Higher Secondary School, Lamosanghu
  3. Ketu English Boarding School, Bahrabise
  4. Private Paradise Secondary School, Bahrabise-8
  5. Sadabahar academy, Khadichaur
  6. Shree Bachhalamai Primary School, Thangpaldhap, Thangpaldhap - 9
  7. Shree Batase Lower Secondary School, Talamarang, Talamarang - 2
  8. Shree Bhumeshori Primary School, Thangpaldhap, Thangpaldhap - 5
  9. Shree Chandeswori English Boarding School, Bahrabise-1
  10. Shree Golmeshori Lower Secondary School, Thangpaldhap-6, Thangpaldhap
  11. Shree Himalayan Panchkanya Primary School, listikot-9, Ghipche
  12. Shree Jhirpu Higher Secondary School
  13. Shree Jugal Primary School, Thangpaldhap, Thangpaldhap - 1
  14. Shree Kakaling Harisiddhi Secondary School, Thulopakhar-3
  15. Shree Laligurans Primary School, Dhuskun
  16. Shree Nawalpur Secondary School, Nawalpur-6
  17. Shree Pragya Primary School, Dubachour, Dubachour - 2
  18. Shree Setidevi Higher Secondary School, Lamosanghu
  19. Shree Sharada Higher Secondary School, Bahrabise
  20. Shree Suryodaye Primary School, Talamarang, Talamarang - 3
  21. Shree Terse Secondary School, Talamarang, Talamarang - 7
  22. Shree Thangpaldhap Higher Secondary School, Thangpaldhap-2, Thangpaldhap
  23. Shree Ugrachandi Secondary School, Listikot-6
  24. Shree Urleni Primary School, Mahankal, Mahankal - 3
  25. Shree Vishnu Adhyatmik Sanskrit Primary School, Bahrabise-7

List of schools in Simara

Brighter Academy
Chimmek Academy
Current English Language, Computer and Personality Development Training Centre
Ekta Higher Secondary School Simara-4
Jyoti Paradise English Boarding School, Ganj, Bhawanipur
Lotus Academy Simara-4
Mount Everest Higher Secondary School Simara-3
Sagar International Montessori School, Ramban
Saint Peter's Academy Simara-2, Bara
Shree Anup Deepani Higher Secondary School Kolhavi Bara
Shree Bhola Higher Secondary School, Ganj, Bhawanipur
Shree Nepal National Higher Secondary School Simara-3
Shree Nepal Rastriya Higher Secondary School Bakuliya Bhawanipur Bara Nepal
Shree Nepal Rastriya Higher Secondary School Piparpati Pachrauta Bara Nepal
Shree Nepal Rastriya Higher Secondary School Sapahi Bara
Shree Nepal Rastriya Madhyamik Vidhyalaya Bagewa Bara kalaiya
Shree Nepal Rastriya Madhyamik Vidhyalaya,Khajani
Simara Public English School

List of schools in Rupandehi Nawalparasi

Amar English secondary Boarding School, Amarpuri-4
Arunkhola Higher Secondary School, Arunkhola-8
Barchuli English Medium School
Bassantapur zenith English boarding school, Tilakpur-6
Devchuli High School
Divya Jyoti Higher Secondary School, Bardaghat
Ex-Army Public English Higher Secondary School, Bardaghat-4,Nawalparasi.
Holy Child English Boarding School, Dharmpur-9
Janasewa Higher Secondary School, Sunwal-6
Kumudini Higher Secondary English Boarding School, Makar-4, Bardghat
Kuwar Varti English Secondary Boarding School
Little Buddha Education Foundation (nawalparasi)Pvt.Ltd Jamuniya_4,Gopiganj
Lotus English Secondary School, Sunwal
Lumbini Higher Secondary School, Sunwal
Mahakabi Devkota Higher Secondary School, Sunwal
New Star English Boarding School, Swathi-5, Bankatti
Pioneer English Boarding School, Sunwal
Pragati Secondary School, Sunwal-10, Swathi
Sakura Memorial Higher Secondary School, Sunwal
salbas sunrise English school, tilakpur -2
Sayapatri English Higher Secondary School Ramgram
Shree Janta Higher Secondary School, nayabelahani-8, Arunkhola
Shree Kalika Higher Secondary School, Gaindakot-8
Shree Nawa Nepal Primary school, Devchuli- 10
Shree Raja Mahatma Purnabhadra Higher Secondary School
Siddhartha Shishu Sadan English Boarding School, Sunwal-4
Smile Kids Montessori Pre-School, Gaindakot-1, Bara
Somnath Baba Higher Secondary School, Sunwal
Somnath Primary School
Sri Siddartha Secondary School, Kusma
Star Light English school Manari-2 Bhimtandi
Sunwal United English School, Sunwal
Thumki Devi Bright Future English Secondary School, Deurali-2 Koliya
Unique English Boarding School
Vijaya Community Higher Secondary School Gaindakot-5
Vishwa Jyoti Higher Secondary School, Pragatinagar-3
Wise Vision English Boarding School

Sunday, July 24, 2016

List of schools in Rupandehi

  1. Amar Jyoti English Medium School, Bhairahawa-3
  2. Araniko English Boarding School, Bhalwari
  3. Butwal Glory English Boarding School, Butwal-15
  4. Butwal Public School, Shankarnagar , Butwal-8
  5. Eden English Boarding High School, Naharpur, Belbas, Butwal -13
  6. Evershining English Higher Secondary School, Nayagaun, Butwal -15
  7. Gems English Model School, Lumbini
  8. Gems English Model School, Lumbini
  9. Glorious College (Glorious Higher Secondary School), Butwal - 11
  10. Good Life Boarding School, Bankatti
  11. Green Plant English Higher Secondary School, Devdaha -4
  12. Greenway Global Heritage School, Lumbini Adarsh-7
  13. Horizon Gautam Buddha English Boarding School, Drivertole
  14. Kalika Higher Secondary School; Butwal -11, Kalikanagar Butwal Nepal
  15. Kunwarwarti English Boarding School, Tilottama -11, Pradeepnagar, Nepal
  16. LB Namuna English Boarding School, Belbas, Butwal-15
  17. Little Flower Academy, Shankarnagar-7
  18. Little Flower Higher Secondary School, Saupharsatikar-1
  19. Little Paradise English Medium School, Bhalwari, Tilottama -9
  20. Little Star Boarding High School, Madhawaliya, Kotihawa
  21. Lumbini Glory English Boarding School, Kamahariya-8, Sundi
  22. Lumbini Shishu Sadan English Boarding School, Siddharthanagar
  23. Lumbini Wisdom English Boarding School, Siddharthanagar -9
  24. Nabin Audhyogic Kadar Bahadur Rita Higher Secondary School, Devinagar
  25. New Environment English Secondary School, Manigram
  26. New Horizon Higher Secondary School, Devinagar, Butwal-13
  27. New Light Higher Secondary School, Shankarnagar
  28. New Lumbini English Boarding School, Devdaha -6, Khaireni
  29. Our Peaceland Academy, Shivanagar, Butwal -9
  30. Paramount Higher Secondary School, Butwal
  31. Rajardh High School of Rajardh, Manpakadi -3, Rajardh
  32. Rose Bud Academy, Pa Amawa-4
  33. Rudrapur Peaceland BhuPu Sainik Public English School, Rudrapur -6
  34. Sai Global Higher Secondary School, Siddharthanagar
  35. Saraswati Higher Secondary Boarding School
  36. Shakuwani Children Academy, Shakuwani
  37. Shree Everest Boarding High School, Belauri
  38. Shree Ganesh Gyan Jyoti Public High School, Butwal -17, Semlar
  39. Shree Janata Madhyamik Bidhyalaya, Tindura, Tikulighadh -9
  40. Shree Kerwani Higher Secondary School
  41. Shree Meudihawa Primary School, Meudihawa -2
  42. Shree Nawaratna Boarding School, Butwal-14, Tamnagar
  43. Shree Sainamaina Memorial School, Sainamaina -1
  44. Shree Shankarnagar Higher School, Shankarnagar
  45. Shree Shanti Model High School Manigram
  46. Shree Shivapur Higher Secondary School, Makrahar
  47. Shree Siddhartha Memorial Academy, Dudhrakshya -8
  48. Shree Zalmonah Little Angels English Secondary School, Krishnanagar, Kapilvastu
  49. Siddhababa Academy School, Belauri
  50. Siddhartha English Boarding Higher Secondary School, Tilottama -4
  51. Siddhartha English Boarding School, Shankarnagar -6
  52. Siddhartha Higher Secondary Boarding School
  53. St. Joseph Boarding High School, Bhalwari
  54. Sun Shine Boarding Higher Secondary School, Bhairahawa
  55. Sunrise Boarding High School

List of schools in Arghakhanchi

  1. Adarsha English Boarding School, Barkulpur -8, Kapilvastu
  2. Bright Rising Star English Boarding School, Birpur -9, Chandrautta
  3. Golden Parks Academy, Chanai-5 Kharendrapur
  4. Gyan Jyoti Children's Academy, Udaypur-3, Itrol (Kapilvastu)
  5. Kapilvastu Shanti Niketan English Boarding High School
  6. Madarsha Mohammadiya Salfiya Lohraula
  7. Namaste Lions English Secondary School, Barlulpur -2, Kapilvastu
  8. Peace World Academy, Barkulpur -9 Kapilvastu
  9. Shree Bhrikuti higher Secondary School, Buddhi -5, Kapilvastu
  10. Shree Bhuwaneswori Higher Secondary School, Jagdishpur, Kapilvastu
  11. Shree Buddha Padma Madhyamik Vidhyalaya, Taulihawa
  12. Shree Higher Secondary School Imiliya, Barkulpur -2, Kapilvastu
  13. Shree Jankalyan Higher Secondary School, Barkulpur -6, Kapilvastu
  14. Shree Ram Gorkha H. S. School, Bahadurganj
  15. Shree Siddhartha Vidaya Mandir Higher Secondary Boarding School, AnandaBaag, Taulihawa, Kapilvastu
  16. Shree Tauleshwornath Sanskrit Higher Secondary School, Taulihawa.
  17. Shree Uccha Prathamik Vidhyalaya, Janda, Madouli
  18. Shree Yasodhara Madhyamik Vidhyalaya, Taulihawa
  19. West Point Boarding School, Taulihawa

List of schools in Pokhara

  1. Adarsha English Boarding School
  2. Bal Kalyan Secondary school
  3. Bal Vidhya Mandir Secondary Boarding School, Miyapatan, Kundahar
  4. Bhasker Memorial School, Phoolbari-11
  5. Bidur English Boarding High School
  6. Bir Lower Secondary School, Lekhnath-2, Rithepani, Kaski
  7. Bishwo Shanti Higher Secondary School, Deurali-2, Kaski
  8. Brahma Rupa Higher Secondary School, Lekhnath-13, Rajako Chautara, Kaski
  9. Children's Academy
  10. Choreptan higher secondary school, Chorepatan pokhara
  11. Diamond Higher Secondary School, Talchowk, Lekhnath, Kaski
  12. Disneyland academy, Masbar 7 Pokhara
  13. Dynamic Academy, Simalchour, Pokhara, Kaski
  14. Gandaki Boarding School
  15. Global Collegiate Higher Secondary School
  16. Gogan Higher Secondary School, Lekhnath-13, Gagangauda, Kaski
  17. Golden Future Boarding Higher Secondary School
  18. Gorkha English Boarding School
  19. Hill Point Boarding School, Matepani
  20. Hill Side English Boarding School, Nayapool, Kaski
  21. Himalayan Boarding School, Gharipatan, Pokhara-17
  22. Himanchal Boarding School
  23. Janapriya Uccha Madhyamik Vidhalaya
  24. Jyotikunj Education Foundation Rambazar
  25. Krishna Prasad Devkota Higher Secondary School, Lumle Kaski
  26. Kumudini Homes
  27. L.P. Devkota Memorial English Boarding School, Pardi Birauta
  28. Laxmi Awasiya Higher Secondary School, Newroad
  29. Little Step Higher Secondary Boarding School, Simalchaur
  30. Lotus Academic School, Nayabazar, Pokhara
  31. Manakamana secondary boarding school, Fulbari
  32. Marigold Boarding School, Nayagaun
  33. Metropolitan Academy, Ramghat
  34. Morning Star Higher Secondary Boarding School, Naudada-3 kaski
  35. Motherland Higher Secondary School, Masbar 7, Kaski
  36. Mount Annapurna Higher Secondary School, Nadipur, Pokhara
  37. Mount Everest Boarding School
  38. National Boarding Secondary School, Baidam
  39. National Inventive Secoandary Boarding School, Baidam
  40. Nepal Adarsha Awasiya Vidhyalaya
  41. New Millennium Academy
  42. New Model Higher Secondary School, Nagdhunga, Pokhara-8
  43. Paramount Secondary School
  44. Pashchimanchal Higher Secondary School, Gairapatan, Pokhara-4
  45. Pokhara Academy
  46. Pokhara Higher Secondary School, Bhimkalipatan 1, Bagar
  47. Pokhara Public School
  48. Pragati English Boarding School
  49. Prativa Higher secondary school
  50. Rainbow Academy
  51. Ram Prathamik Vidhyalaya
  52. Rastriya Higher Secondary School, Pokhara tudikhel -1, kaski, NEPAL
  53. Sagarmatha Niketan Higher Secondary School
  54. Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya, Pokhara
  55. Shanti Nikunja Boarding School, Birauta
  56. Shantideep English School, Majheri Patan
  57. Shishu Kalyan English Secondary School, Chhorepata
  58. Shishu Niketan Higher Secondary School
  59. Shree Amarsingh Model Higher Secondary School
  60. Shree gyan jyoti secondary school, Armala
  61. Shree Ratna Jyoti Higher Secondary School, Rantna Chowk
  62. Shree Sarswati Higher Secondary School, Itahara, Morang
  63. Siddhartha Secondary Boarding School
  64. Siddivinayak Boarding School
  65. SOS Hermann Gmeiner Higher Secondary School, Gandaki
  66. Spiral Galaxy Higher Secondary School, Simpani-1, Pokhara
  67. St. Mary's High School
  68. Step By Step higher Secondary School, Masbar, Pokhara
  69. Tarapunja education academy adhikari tole Pokhara
  70. Tops Boarding School
  71. Vidya Niketan Secondary School, Pokhara, Birauta

List of schools in Biratnagar

  1. A1 Quality Secondary School, Biratnagar-4
  2. Adarsh Balika Byawasayik Madyamik, Biratngar-10
  3. Adarsh Sishu Shiksha Nikunj Boarding School
  4. Adarsha Higher Secondary School, Biratngar-9
  5. Arniko Higher Secondary School, Biratnagar-13
  6. Azalea Secondary Boarding School, Biratnagar-1
  7. Bal Batika English Boarding School, Biratngar-11
  8. Bal Kalyan Vidya Mandir Secondary School (B.K.V.M) BRT-15
  9. Balmiki Secondary School
  10. Budhanilkantha Secondary English School
  11. City Higher Secondary School
  12. College of Business and Social Studies
  13. D. A. V. Kedia Vishwabharati
  14. Delhi Public School
  15. Devkota Memorial Higher Secondary School
  16. Devkota Public School
  17. Don Bosco School (Nilgiri)
  18. East Point Boarding School
  19. Eden National Boarding School, Biratnagar-4, Udaya Marga
  20. Eurokids Biratnagar
  21. Everest Secondary English School
  22. Ganga Higher Secondary Boarding School
  23. Gautam Buddha Memorial Higher Secondary School
  24. Gograha Higher Secondary School
  25. Graded English Medium Secondary School, Biratnagar-10, 11
  26. Ideal English School, Biratnagar-6
  27. Janak Memorial Boarding School, Jhorahat-2
  28. Janapath Higher Secondary School, Biratngar-15
  29. Janapriya Madyamik Bidyalaya
  30. Janata Namuna Higher Secondary School
  31. Jansewa Higher Secondary School
  32. Jaycee Bal Sadan Secondary Boarding School
  33. Jaycee Bal Sadan Secondary School
  34. Kanchanjunga Boarding School, Biratnagar
  35. Koshi Vidhya Mandir
  36. Lawang Boarding School, Tanki Sinwari
  37. Machhindra Higher Secondary School
  38. Manohar Janata Hiher Secondary School
  39. Martyr's Memorial Higher Secondary English School, Biratnagar-13
  40. Mills Madyamik Bidyalaya
  41. Morang Model Residential School
  42. Morang Public School, Tanki Sinwari
  43. Mother Teresa Memorial English Boarding School
  44. Mother Teresa School
  45. Namuna Vidya Mandir
  46. Naragram Myadhamik Vidyalaya, Tanki Sinwari
  47. Nepal Darshan Higher Secondary School
  48. New Moon Secondary English Boarding School
  49. New Pagoda Residential Secondary School
  50. OOM Boarding House
  51. Orchid Higher Secondary School
  52. Panchayat Higher Secondary School
  53. Paragon Academy Higher Secondary School, Biratnagar, Puspalal Chowk
  54. Public Higher Secondary School
  55. Purbanchal Science & Management School
  56. Purbanchal Vidhya Pratisthan
  57. Radha Krishna Madyamik Bidyalaya
  58. Rastriya Science & Commerce School
  59. Red Star Secondary English Boarding School
  60. Sagarmatha Higher Secondary School
  61. Saptakoshi English Boarding High School
  62. Saraswati Higher Secondary School, Biratnagar-12
  63. Sarbodaya Higher Secondary School
  64. Satyanarayan High School
  65. Sharadha Boarding, Jhorahat
  66. Shikshadeep Higher Secondary School
  67. Shree Balmiki Memorial Boarding High School
  68. Shree Pokhariya Higher Secondary School, Biratnagar-4
  69. Siddhartha Shishu Sadan Higher Secondary School
  70. Sirjana Gyankunja Higher Secondary School, Biratnagar-5
  71. St. Joseph Higher Secondary English Boarding School, Biratnagar-2
  72. Star Secondary Boarding School
  73. Sunshine Secondary English Boarding School
  74. Unique Academy English Secondary Boarding School, Tanki Sinwari

List of schools in Kavrepalanchowk

  1. Bal Batika Vidhya Mandir, Banepa-5
  2. Bright Future English School
  3. Dedi Thumka Higher Secondary English School
  4. Ganodaya Residential School
  5. Golden Future Higher Secondary School, Pachkhal, Kavre
  6. Gyankunj Higher Secondary School, Banepa -5, Kavre  
  7. Indreni Vidhya Mandir
  8. Kavre Secondary School, Banepa
  9. Kshitij English Boarding School, Banepa, Kavre
  10. Mahakali Higher Secondary School, Nayagaun, kavre
  11. Malpi International School, Panauti, Kavre
  12. Mandan Valley Academy
  13. Nepal Police Higher Secondary Boarding School, sanga
  14. New Rising English Secondary School, Rayale-2, Kavre
  15. Pragati Prabhat Academy Higher Secondary School, Banepa–10, Bhimsenthan, Kavre
  16. Saraswoti Sicha Griha
  17. Shiksha Sadan Higher Secondary School, Banepa-5
  18. Shree Ganesh Secondary School, Bhimkhori-8, Shikharpur, Kavre
  19. Shree Kamala Devi Jana Priya Secondary School, Balthali-8, Khyaky, Kavre
  20. Shree Laligurans Boarding School, Kushadevi
  21. Shree Mahankal Secondary school, Panchkhal-11,kavre, Bela
  22. Shree New Little Star English Secondary School
  23. Shree Sapaneshwor Higher Secondary School, Tukucha VDC, Kavre
  24. Tapeshowr Higher secondary School, Deupr, kavre
  25. Vidhya Sagar English Secondary School, Banepa

List of schools in Saptari

  1. Aadarsha Secondary English School, Mahuli-9, Saptari
  2. Chinnamasta Higher Secondary School
  3. Durga Secondary School
  4. Dyanamic Educational Academy
  5. Golden Star Higher Secondary School, Rajbiraj -6. Saptari, Nepal
  6. Happyland Higher Secondary School
  7. Kshitiz College
  8. Laliguraans Higher Secondary School
  9. Little Flower Secondary School
  10. Manokamna Higher S. School
  11. Mission Higher Secondary School
  12. Model Higher secondary School
  13. Oxford International College
  14. P.B. School
  15. Paradise College
  16. Peace Zone Model School, Tetrigachi road
  17. Premier Secondary School
  18. Prime Holy Cross Academy, Siraha road Rajbiraj
  19. Rajbiraj Model College
  20. Rajdevi Secondary School
  21. Saptarsihi Educational Academy
  22. Saraswati Shishu Sadan English Boarding School, Portaha-2, Bhardah, Saptari
  23. Sharda English Secondary School, Kathauna Bazar, Sambhunath Municipality
  24. Sharda Secondary School, Siraha road
  25. Shiva International Boarding Secondary School
  26. Shree Balbodh Secondary School, Kanchanpur
  27. Shri Janta Shankar Higher Secondary School Rajghard Nargho (Saptari Nepal)
  28. Universal Academy
  29. Universal Academy
  30. World Vision College
  31. World Vision S.School

List of schools in Kathmandu

  1. Saurya International Higher Secondary School, Koteshwor, Kathmandu
  2. Ace School, Naxal, Kathmandu
  3. Samata Shiksha Niketan, Jorpati, Kathmandu.
  4. Bal Bikas Secondary School, Alapot, Kathmandu
  5. Adarsha Vidya Mandir, Man Bhawan, Lalitpur
  6. Adarsha Yog-Hari Higher Secondary School, Lainchour, Kathmandu.
  7. Advance International Model Higher Secondary School, Lagankhel, Lalitpur
  8. Albert Einstein Academy
  9. Alkapuri High School, BishalNagar, Kathmandu
  10. Ananda Bhumi Boarding High School, Maitidevi, Kathmandu
  11. Ankur Vidyashram
  12. Annapurna Higher Secondary School, Kantipath, Kathmandu
  13. Apple Academy, Ratopul, Kathmandu
  14. Arniko Boarding Secondary High School, Bhotebahal, Teku, Kathmandu
  15. Arniko Boarding Secondary High School, Satdobato, Lalitpur
  16. Araniko English Boarding School, Bhalari-3, Rupandehi
  17. Arunima Higher Secondary School, Boudha, Kathmandu
  18. Aum School, Budhanilkantha
  19. Aviation Academy
  20. Awareness International Academy
  21. Gyandeep English Medium School, Sanepa; Lalitpur
  22. Basundhara National Academy, Basundhara
  23. Babylon National School, Baneshwor
  24. Babylon School of Management
  25. Bagmati Boarding School
  26. Bal Batika Montessori Preschool, Pepsicola town planning, Kathmandu -35
  27. Bal Bhushan Lower Secondary School, Kolpakot, Jhaukhel, Bhaktapur
  28. Bal Bikas Boarding High School, Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu
  29. Bal Uddhar higher school kapan, bekh, Kathmandu
  30. Basu Higher Secondary School
  31. Bayoca Community Secondary School, Alapot
  32. Belmont International School, Samakhushi Town Planning, Kathmandu
  33. Bhanubhakta Memorial Higher Secondary School
  34. Bhimeshwor Academy
  35. Bhrikuti Higher Secondary School, Mahankal
  36. Bigyan English Boarding High School, Mandikhatar
  37. Birendra Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya
  38. Bridgewater International College, Sinamangal, Kathmandu
  39. Bright Future Higher Secondary School, Satdobato, Lalitpur
  40. Bright Zone International School, Kathmandu
  41. Brihaspati VidyaSadan
  42. Budhanilkantha Ashram School, Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu Budhanilkantha School
  43. Campion Kathmandu H.S.S.
  44. Central Public Boarding School, Dhobichour
  45. Chahana International Academy, Chabahil
  46. Changu Narayan Higher Secondary School, Duwakot, Bhaktapur
  47. Children's Liberty English Boarding School, Jorpati, Kathmandu
  48. Chirayu Educational Academy (चिरायु एजुकेशनल एकेडेमी), Indrayani, Kathmandu
  49. Coventry English Boarding School
  50. Covenant Academy, Kusunti, Lalitpur
  51. Crystal Academy English High School, Panchdhara Swoyambhu
  52. Daffodil Public School
  53. DAV Susil Kedia School, Jawalakhel
  54. Deepika Shikshya Sadan, Koteshwor Kathmandu
  55. Durbar High School
  56. East Pole Higher Secondary School, Jorpati
  57. Elim Kids Academy, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu
  58. Everest English Academy Everest Higher Secondary Boarding School, Galkopakha, Thamel, Kathmandu
  59. Everest English School, Bhaktapur
  60. Everest Multiple College [for BBS - TU], Galkopakha, Thamel, Kathmandu
  61. Everest College of Multiple Studies [for BBA - PU], Galkopakha, Thamel, Kathmandu
  62. The Excelsior School, Swoyambhu
  63. Galaxy Public School
  64. Glen Buds Boarding School, Lazimpat, Kathmandu
  65. Graded English Medium School, (GEMS), Dhapakhel, Lalitpur
  66. Grammar Public Higher Secondary School
  67. Green Hills Academy, Kavresthali, Kathmandu
  68. Goldhunga Orchid Academy, Puranoguheshowri
  69. Gyandeep English Medium School,Sanepa -2,Lalitpur
  70. Gyankunj Higher Secondary School, Ravibhawan, Kuleshwor
  71. Gyanodaya Bal Batika School
  72. Gyan Niketan, Sankhamul, kathmandu
  73. Gyansindhu Academy, Gongabu -7, Kathmandu
  74. Hebron Public School
  75. Himalaya International Model School
  76. Himalaya Vidya Mandir, Kalopul
  77. Himalayan Valley English Boarding School, Gongabu -3, Kathmandu
  78. Himshikhar English Boarding School, Kalanki, Kathmandu, Nepal
  79. Hindu Vidyapeeth-Nepal, Balkumari, Lalitpur
  80. Holy Garden Boarding High Schools
  81. Holy Vision International School
  82. Ideal English Higher Secondary School
  83. Ideal Model School
  84. Jagadamba High School
  85. J.E.M.S School
  86. Joseph High School, Kapan, Kathmandu'
  87. Jugal English Medium School, Kapan, Kathmandu
  88. Kalanki English Medium School (KEMS), Kalanki, Kathmandu
  89. Kamana International Higher Secondary School, Sanobharyang, Kathmandu
  90. Kanjirowa National School
  91. Kantipuri Boarding School, Talchikhel, Lalitpur
  92. Kathmandu Don Bosco H.S. School
  93. Kathmandu Model College
  94. Kathmandu International School
  95. Kathmandu International Study Centre
  96. Kathmandu Unified City School(KU City School), Chabahil, Kathmandu
  97. Kathmandu University High School
  98. Kathmandu Vidya Kunja Secondary School, Milon tol, Gongabu, Kathmandu,
  99. Kathmandu Xavier's Boarding School, Baneswor
  100. Kantipur English High School
  101. Kavresthali Secondary School
  102. Kendriya Vidyalaya
  103. Kids' Kind Education Foundation
  104. Kiki Foundation
  105. Kumari Higher Secondary School (KEBS Academy), Boudha, Kathmandu
  106. Laboratory Higher Secondary English Medium School
  107. Laligurans Rastriya H.S.School/College (LRC), Shankhamul, New Baneshwore
  108. Lalit Secondary Boarding School, Satdobato, Lalitpur
  109. Laxmipur English Secondary School, Tokha
  110. Laxmi Shikshya Sadan Higher Secondary School, Teku, Kathmandu
  111. Leads Academy, Sinamangal Kathmandu -35
  112. Learning Realm International Boarding School
  113. Lincoln School, Kathmandu
  114. Little angels' school, Hattiban
  115. Liverpool International College, Sankhamul Road, Baneshwor
  116. Lok Hit Lower Secondary School, Bhagwan Bahal, Thamel, Kathmandu
  117. Lovely Angels Angreji Awasia Vidhyalaya, Faika, Kapan, Kathmandu
  118. Lyceum Model School, Siphal, Kathmandu
  119. Mahadev Higher Secondary School
  120. Mahendra Aadarsha Higher Secondary School, Satdobato, Lalitpur
  121. Machhapuchhre Secondary Boarding School, Thasikhel, Lalitpur
  122. Malpi Institute
  123. Malpi International School
  124. Manakanmana Higher Secondary School
  125. Manjukosha English School
  126. Martyer Memorial H.S.B School
  127. Model Academy Kathmandu
  128. Model School, Thankot
  129. Modern Boarding Secondary School, Dadhikot
  130. Modern Indian School
  131. Modern Nepal Academy
  132. Modern Newa English School, Durbar Marg
  133. Moms Montessori, Shantinagar, Kathmanu
  134. Moonlight Higher Secondary School, Satdobato, Lalitpur
  135. Montessori International, Talchikhel
  136. Mother International Academy
  137. Motherland Academy Boarding School
  138. Mount Mechi Secondary (Boarding) School, Ilam
  139. Mount Olives High School, Sinamangal
  140. Mount Sagarmatha Brilliants Academy, Gurjudhara
  141. Navodit Vidya Kunja Higher Secondary School, Samakhusi
  142. New Horizon Institute, Kalikanagar Butwal
  143. Namgyal Higher Secondary School
  144. Namgyal Middle School
  145. Namuna English boarding school, Drashantola
  146. National Integrated College
  147. National Model Science School, gongabu
  148. National Pioneer Academy, Maijubahal, Chabahil
  149. National Creative Co-educational School, Chandol, Bansidhar Marg, Kathmandu
  150. Nava Jyoti Higher Secondary School, Basuki Nagar, Tinkune, Koteswor, Kathmandu. (established in 1981)
  151. Nepal Adarsha Secondary School
  152. Nepal Armed Police Force School
  153. Nepal Model School, Basundhara, Kathmandu
  154. Neric Academy, Sankhamul, New Baneshwor
  155. New Holy Cross English School, Gothatar
  156. New Light Higher Secondary School
  157. New Florence International Boarding School
  158. New Star Pole English Secondary School, Kandaghari, Kathmandu
  159. New Summit Higher Secondary School, Maitidevi
  160. New Vision Academy, Koteswor
  161. Nirvana Academy Primary English School, Kimdol Swayambhu
  162. N. K. Singh Memorial English Preparatory School, Minbhawan
  163. Nobel Academy H.S. School, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
  164. Nobel Village Secondary School, Checkpost
  165. Oracle English Medium School
  166. Pacific Academy, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
  167. Padmodaya Higher Secondary School, Ramsah Path, Kathmandu
  168. Panga Secondary School, English Medium, Kirtipur
  169. Paradise International Academy, Sifal
  170. Paragon Public School, Tilganga
  171. Pathshala Nepal Foundation
  172. Pragya Sadan School, Thali, Kathmandu
  173. Pinnacle Scholars' Academy, Kalanki
  174. Rai School, Narayantar, Jorpati
  175. Rainbow International Higher Secondary Boarding School, Chauni
  176. Reliance International Academy, Kapan
  177. Rhododendron International Boarding High School (RIBS)
  178. Rising Star English School
  179. Riviera International Academy,maijubahal, Chabahil
  180. Rosebud School
  181. Rupy's International School
  182. St. Mary's High School
  183. St. Xavier's College, Maitighar (Cambridge A-Levels)
  184. St. Xavier's School, Godavari, Kathmandu
  185. St. Xavier's School, Jawalakhel, Kathmandu
  186. Saipal Academy, Sukedhara, Kathmandu
  187. Samboddha Boarding School
  188. Sapta Gandaki Secondary Boarding School, Dhapsi- Prayasnagar
  189. Saraswati Boarding Higher Secondary School, Chhetrapati
  190. Sarswoti Kunj Higher Secondary School, Ratopul
  191. Scholar's Home Academy, Samakhusi
  192. Seto Bangla High School, Kalopul
  193. Sewa Sadan English Boarding School, Battishputtali
  194. Shadberry International Boarding School, Kharahe-Dahachock, Kathmandu
  195. Shambhavi Boarding School, Battishputali, Kathmandu
  196. Shanti Adarsha Secondary School, Gokarneshwor -12, Jorpati, Kathmandu.
  197. Sharada Academy, Budhanilkantha -13, Kapan
  198. Shikharapur Secondary School, Pharping
  199. Shikshantar School, Sinamangal, Kathmandu
  200. Shining Stars Secondary School
  201. Shishu Milan English School, Tusal, Kathmandu
  202. Shree Ganeshman Singh Smriti Primary School
  203. Shree Gram Shikshya Mandir Higher Secondary School, Kapan
  204. Shree Krishna Higher Secondary School
  205. Shree Kumari Secondary School, Jaishedewal, Kathmandu
  206. Shree Pipal Dada Primary School
  207. Shree Pimal Tar Higher Secondary School
  208. Shree Sharada Higher Secondary School, Tiliganga
  209. Shridiwa International School
  210. Shuvatara international School
  211. Siddhartha Vanasthali School
  212. Siddhi Ganesh High School, Sorakhutte, Paknajole, Kathmandu
  213. SOS Hemann Gmeiner
  214. Strongtsen Bhirkuti Boarding School
  215. Summer Hill School, Sinamangal, Kathmandu
  216. Suryodaya (J.) Secondary School, Ghattekulo, Maitidevi, Kathmandu
  217. SV Academy, Buddhanagar, Kathmandu
  218. Swapna Vatika School, Buddhanagar, Kathmandu
  219. Swarna Shiksha English Secondary School, Gokarna, Kathmandu
  220. Swarnim High School, Dallu Aawas, Swoyambhu, Kathmandu
  221. Swarnim Shiksha Sadan, Bhurungkhel Chowk, Kathmandu
  222. Swayambhu English boarding school, Swayambhu[19]
  223. Tirupati English Medium Boarding School, Budhanikanta-12, Kathmandu
  224. Trade School, Damak
  225. Tri-Shakti High School, Bhadrabas
  226. Triyog Higher Secondary School, Dhapasi, Kathmandu
  227. Timeline School, Nayabasti, Jorpati, Kathmandu
  228. Tsoknyi Gechak Ling Nunnery, Chobar Hill, Kathmandu
  229. Ullens School, Khumaltar
  230. The British School, Kathmandu
  231. The Chandbagh Pre School
  232. The Chandbagh School (SLC)
  233. The Chandbagh School (CBSE)
  234. Valley View English School
  235. Vidhya Sanskar School, Mid-Baneshwor, Kathmandu
  236. Vidya Byayam English School, Jorpati
  237. Vijaya Academy English School
  238. Viswa Niketan Science Campus, Tripureshwor
  239. V. S. Niketan Higher Secondary School
  240. West Point High School, Thankot
  241. White Field Higher Secondary School, Nayabazar
  242. White Pearls Academy, Syuchatar~Kalanki~Kathmandu
  243. Wilson Academy, Swoyambhu, Sitapaila
  244. Wisdom English Academy, Kalanki-14
  245. Xavier International Higher Secondary School, Kalopul
  246. Young Hearts English Boarding School
  247. Apollo International Academy, Subidhanagar Tinkune, Kathmandu
  248. Image Academy Manamaiju, Kathmandu
  249. Suyash Shankar Adhikari International School of Sciences Kathmandu

List of schools in Gorkha Mahottari

  1. Bright Star English School Khayarmara
  2. Janaki Yugantar English Boarding School, Ramgopalpur -6, Mahottari
  3. Mahattori Glory English Boarding school ramgopal pur6
  4. Mahendra Aadarsa Ma. Vi. Jaleshwor, Mahottari, Nepal
  5. Modern Saraswati Shiksha Sadan E.B. School Jaleshwar-13, Dhobauli, Mahottari 
  6. Santi Niketan English Boarding School Prakauli Chock, mahottai
  7. Shanti Shiksha Sadan E. B. School Ankar -5, Bela, Mahottari 
  8. Shishu Gyan Nikunja English High School, Jaleshwar, Mahottari 
  9. Shree Adarsha Higher Sec School, Ratauli, Mahottari 
  10. Shree Durga Higher Secondary School, Manara, Mahottari 
  11. Shree Janki Parikshan Secondary School, Parikauli, Mahottari 
  12. Shree Janta Higher Seconday School, Kolhuwa Bageya, Kolhuwa Bageya, Mahottari
  13. Shree Ram Dev Janta Higher Sec School, Bhramarpura, Mahottari
  14. Shree Saraswati Gyanodaya English Boarding School, Gaushala Mahottari
  15. Shree Sukdev Higher Secondary School Suga - 7, Mahottari
  16. Shri Siddharth English Boarding School, Gaushala, Mahottari,
  17. Sri Janata Lower Secondary School, Pigauna, Mahottari 

List of schools in Janakpur

  1. Angels' Secondary Boarding School, Janakpurdham-09, Nepal (West of Barah Bigha)
  2. Children's Garden English Boarding School, Dhalkebar -5 (Dhanusha)
  3. Einstein public secondary school, south of Sankat Mochan Mandir, Janakpurdham-9
  4. Gargi Memorial English Boarding School Janakpur-8, Namunabasti
  5. Godawari English school, Janakpur
  6. Happy Land English Boarding school, Rajaul Janakpur-14
  7. Himali Boarding School,Janakpur-11
  8. Janaki Higher Secondary Boarding School[13]
  9. Janakpur Academy, Janakpur Dham-9 (Near Janaki Ma. Vi.)
  10. Monastic Higher Secondary English Boarding School
  11. Moon Light Secondary English Boarding School, kadam chowk, Janakpur Dham, Nepal
  12. Mother Teresa Public School, Janakpur, Nepal
  13. New English higher secondary Boarding School
  14. New Vision Residential Secondary Boarding School, Janakpurdham
  15. Shree Sankat Mochan Higher Secondary School, Janakpur-04 (near Mahabir Chowk)
  16. Shree Sarasawati Secondary School Bafai Janakpur Dham
  17. Shri Janaki Madhyamik Bidhyalaya, Janakpurdham Nepal
  18. Shri Sakal Bhawan Kanya Madhayamik Bidhyalaya, Janakpurdham-11
  19. Shri Saraswati Madhyamik Bidhyalaya, Janakpurdham-9 Nepal
  20. Siddhartha Shisu Sadan, Bhanu chowk, Janakpurdham
  21. The Old Capital Higher Secondary Khate School

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List of schools in Gorkha

  1. Ever Green Academy, bhachek, Gorkha
  2. Oasis English High School
  3. Amar Jyoti Janata Higher Secondary School, Luintel, Gorkha
  4. Antar Jyoti Secondary School, Takukot-8, Gorkha
  5. Balkanya Primary school, Muchchok -2, Rotomata, Gorkha
  6. Bhagawati Himalaya Higher Secondary School Ghairung 2 Batase Gorkha
  7. Bhairawa shram Higher Secondary School, Phujel-5 Gorkha
  8. Bhaledhunga Primary School, Muchchok-8, Phalpu, Gorkha
  9. Bhumijyoti Primary School, Muchchok-9,Dharapani, Gorkha
  10. Bindra Wati Higher Secondary School
  11. Brahma Charini Lower secondary School, Pandrung-01, Gorkha
  12. Chaturmala Higher Secondary School, Muchchok-1, Ramche, Gorkha
  13. Devi Chaturmala Primary School, Muchchok-5, Thanithan, Gorkha
  14. Gyan Marga Higher Secondary school, Ghyalchowk-5, Gorkha
  15. Gyankyoti Primary School, Muchchok-3, Olang, Gorkha
  16. Janaprabhat Primary School, Muchchok-4, Saune, Gorkha
  17. Janashakti ma. vi, Namjung
  18. Jhakrapuri Primary School, Muchchok -2, Dhiska, Gorkha
  19. Jiwavan Lower Secondary School, Kerabari-5, Gorkha
  20. Krishna Primary School, Pokharatok Gorkha
  21. Laxmi Primary School, Muchchok-7 Madale, Gorkha
  22. Mahalaxmi Secondary School, Laxmi Bazar -8 Gorkha
  23. Mahendra Higher Secondary School, GM -11 Kundurtar, Gorkha
  24. Mahendra Jyoti Secondary School, Durbar Marga, Gorkha
  25. Mandali Higher Secondary School Chhoprak -5 Maidaan, Gorkha
  26. Muchchoktar Lower Secondary School, Muchchok-3, Muchchoktar, Gorkha
  27. Nepane Secondary School, Nepane-1, Kerabari, Gorkha
  28. Pipala Pokhari Lower Secondary School Ghairung 8 Darche Gorkha
  29. Ramshayh Higher Secondary School
  30. Ratna Rajya higher secondary school, Birenchowk, Gorkha
  31. Saraswoti Secondary School, Aahale-7 Gorkha
  32. Shakti Higher Secondary School, Patechour Gorkh
  33. Sinjali Secondary School, Taklung -02, Kotgaau, Gorkha
  34. Surya Jyoti Higher Secondary School, Takukot, Gorkha
  35. Tarachandra Secondary School, Muchchok-6, Kusunde, Gorkha
  36. The Old Capital Higher Secondary School, Raniban-6 Gorkha

List of schools in Dharan

  1. Bishnu Memorial Higher Secondary School
  2. Bivha International School, Admission center
  3. Carmel High School, Dharan 18
  4. Dantakali Public School
  5. Delhi Public School, BPKIHS
  6. Depot Higher School, Dharan 18
  7. Dharan Adarsha High School, Dharan 4, Laxmi Sadak
  8. Dharan Model School
  9. Eureka Residential School
  10. Himalayan Boarding School
  11. Holy land international school Dharan -15 Everest line
  12. Koshi secondary school
  13. Laboratory Higher Secondary School
  14. Marigold School
  15. Navjyoti English Secondary Boarding School
  16. Nobel Home Boarding School
  17. Panchayat Higher Secondary School Dharan 10
  18. Parvat Secondary Boarding School
  19. Saint Joseph Secondary Boarding School, Dharan 17, Bich Ghopa
  20. Secondary Boarding School
  21. Shree Public higher Secondary School, dharan -12,
  22. Shree Sharada Balika Secondary School
  23. Shree Shiksha Niketan Secondary School
  24. Sion International Academy, Jorshakuwa, Dharan 16
  25. Sukshma Sishu Sadan
  26. Summit Higher Secondary School
  27. Sumnima Secondary English Boarding School
  28. Sungabha English Boarding School
  29. Victory Higher Secondary School, Dharan -11
  30. Vijayapur Higher Secondary School
  31. Zenith English Secondary School