Sunday, July 22, 2018

Mass hunger strike in support of Dr KC

Around 200 supporters of fasting social activist Dr Govinda KC joined a mass hunger strike organised by the ‘Solidarity for Dr Govinda KC Alliance’ at the Basantapur Durbar Square in Kathmandu on Sunday.

Overall population, common society individuals, understudies, medical caretakers, specialists and individuals from political gatherings watched their quick together from 10am to 5pm. Previous bad habit chancellor of Tribhuvan University Kedar Bhakta Mathema, common society pioneer Krishna Pahadi, Senior Advocate Surendra Bhandari and human rights dissident Nutan Thapaliya, among other noted figures, took an interest in the dissent to express their solidarity with Dr KC, who was on the multi day of his fifteenth yearning strike on Sunday.

The aim of the mass hunger strike was to send a message across that Dr KC is not alone in his fight for reforms in the country’s medical education sector. The protesters pressed the government to address his demands urgently.

Civil society leaders supporting Dr KC’s cause warned the government that a new revolution was brewing as a result of the leftist government’s “undemocratic” moves.

“People are aware of the government’s latest autocratic activities. If they continue, the government may have the same fate as the former king during the Janaandalon II,” said Pahadi, referring to the second people’s movement of 2006 that overthrew monarchy. He added that the protest was not against any political party but some of its corrupt members.

Agitated nurses also joined the fast event against the terror created by the government at the Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS) in Jumla on Thursday while bringing Dr KC to Kathmandu.

“We nurses take care of others but who will protect us if the government harms us on the hospital premises?” asked Alina Shrestha.

Three farmers--Jugeshwor Mandal (46), Ram Prakash Mandal (45) and Mahendra Yadav (50)--also joined the hunger strike at Basantapur. They had walked all the way to Kathmandu from Dhanusha to support Dr KC’s movement.

“Dr KC is on a hunger strike so that every citizen can have access to quality healthcare and education,” said Jugeshwor. “We’ll not return until the government agrees to Dr KC’s demands.”

Supporters press the legislature to figure out how to address Dr KC's requests as his wellbeing condition intensifies step by step. "We're additionally prepared to converse with an administration group in the event that it has an appropriate order. They ought to have the capacity to actualize the choices came to with us," said Bhandari in regards to the discussions that have not been held for quite a long time.

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